Cerebral Thrombsis Poetry Analysis

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Kamala Das, the singer of feminine sensibility has dealt mainly the theme of love, lust & disillusionment in love along with many other themes in her poetry. Many of the poems of Kamla Das were just like her own autobiography in which we find her emotional attitude towards the torturous conditions at the old age and illness that every human being suffers from. In old age people suffer from many diseases. She followed a new modern trend in her poems, depicting the unavoidable suffering and helplessness in human life. At this stage even all kith and kin who loved the old man in earlier part of his life desert him. While in the past old people were looked after even by unknown people in the society but in modern times the attitude has changed…show more content…
Even the idea of death makes his body shiver and all through his life a wave of fear runs through his mind. An old man dying of ‘Cerebral Thrombsis’ also thinks himself to be capable to escape from death for the time being. His near relatives attend him day and night hearing the thumping sound of his heart and console him that he will live for some more time. This wish of an old man has found place in the “Cerebral Thrombsis”, “The rattle ground like oxcard wheels the gravel Of his throat. In the fluted heart of shells Doze the ballads of the sea. He was past Eighty, yet it was an adolescent Dream that prowled the dirtroads of his brain. His Relatives watched the shut safe of his face.”………….. (4) A realistic understanding of the psychology of an old man is brought out by Kamala Das in her poem “The Last Act.” When a man reaches at his old age he never takes himself as an old man. He tries to deceive himself, thinking that he is away from old age and can still enjoy youth. But very soon he realizes that his old age has chewed all his strength and then he accepts himself defeated. She remarks – “………………. He clung, To her, he buried his arrogant face Between her breasts, but a little later, sobbing Like a hurt child, he said, I am old. I am finished. I can not even make

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