Harry Potter Friendship Theme

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In the fictional book of Harry Potter, Rowling set forth different themes. Most obvious among them is love and friendship, as shown by the Golden Trio. Harry, Ron and Hermione stick together no matter what. Sure, their friendship had been tested a couple of times but they always got through in the end. Despite their obvious differences, they are closely bound by their friendship based on trust. If there 's someone he would entrust his life with, that would be his two best friends. Although at one point, he hated the idea of them risking their lives for him but that just shows how much he truly cares for them. The story might be basically about love and friendship, but it is also rife with literary deaths.

Rachel Blum Spencer identified in
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Harry Potter reminds us of a truth we always know but often forget—that a life of sacrificial love lets go of death, and thus has nothing to fear from it. In embracing the kind of love that does not attempt to overcome our curse, we are freed to live," said…show more content…
We are like quivering children with blankets thrown over our heads because we 're afraid of the dark. The thing we fear the most is fear of death, not death itself. Everyday, people grew anxious on whether they would die today or not. And the story of Harry Potter shows that we should conquer this fear in order for us to live our life to the fullest.

This fear was exhaustively discussed in the article The Wisdom of Fearing Only Fear. The author Phyllis Morris explained the role of fear in the fictional story of Harry Potter series. He emphasizes that fear of the unknown encompasses our fear of death. He said that not knowing what was in store for us after dying made people anxious of death. There 's uncertainty on whether there is really life after death. In the book, it is apparent how the Dark Lord wanted to master death because of his fear of dying. He consequently, Morris said, had used that same fear as his weapon in order to conquer
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