Love And Hate In Jamestown Summary

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&&“Love and Hate in Jamestown” is a book that tells the story of the U.S.’s first colony in the eyes of the American legend John Smith and through the accounts of the other settlers. The book starts with a small history lesson and eventually ties it in with John Smith, a soldier who eventually becomes a leader among the men in Jamestown. As we read, there is more detail to whom Smith is; where he came from, a small farm in London; what he went through, he became a soldier fighting in foreign lands with the Turks and getting caught; his family, the battles with his father that kept Smith home as an archer. Moreover, Smiths’ story rolls over to how he was able to go to Virginia; the colony in Virginia started out as a business investment until it was royal property in the 1620’s. Now, while going to…show more content…
A recollection of what he as the chief was able to do to rid himself of Jamestown is revisited, and we see a sort of regret for the chief of chiefs until his death later on. As the book shifts over to how the first black slaves enter Jamestown, we go through accusations involving tobacco and the worries it brought to the king and others. Nonetheless, tobacco becomes the staple cash crop it becomes and of course a ship called the white Lion brought around 20 slaves to work the plantations. Over time much more came during the harvest seasons of the colony, and all of this was acceptable seeing that Virginia had not yet made laws concerning slaves. Moreover, we are told of how bad conditions were for slaves to work for the colonists without any regard for safety and record-keeping.&& The end of the book closes off with the Virginia Company losing rights of the colony to King James. Prior to this a major attack by the successor of Powhatan was done to the colonists while they were friendly with the people; 2 years later the king took Jamestown as royal
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