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Believing is seeing. Or is seeing believing? Wonder woman, an iconic character in a recent film directed by Patty Jenkins, primarily exhibits that believing is seeing. Wonder woman is a warrior goddess and the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus and was raised in Themyscira with the Amazons. She’s given the opportunity to visit the outside world and attempts to achieve her purpose which is to defeat the god of war, Ares. Wonder woman, not being exposed to different environments, results in her being very naive. Her naïveté of believing is seeing is challenged when she leaves her utopian home and enters the world of industrialization and war, aka London during World War ||. Her idyllic perspective of the outside world causes her to think that…show more content…
In one way, wonder woman is seen as iconic, especially through the eyes of the actress that plays this character in the film; in other ways, Wonder Woman is seen as over-sexualizing the character of a heroine. Avatar director James Cameron says that it “wasn’t groundbreaking and its star – Gal Gadot – was overly sexualised" (Nevins 2017). On the other hand, a user on Metacritic, GeorgeZA, states this film “introduced me to a superhero that feels more real than anyone else that has ever come from Marvel or DC 's stable of movie universes” (Metacritic 2017). He also mentions that the film is “action-packed, hitting some emotional tones and visually very impressive”, which is very similar to my personal opinion. My thought on this film is that it was very designed; everything fits well with each other. For example, the audio syncs perfectly with the video and the actors play their role flawlessly. I watched the film in theatres, so my opinion may be biased, but I was very in awe of the sound of the film and its high definition. It felt very real, which is something I look for in films. I would recommend this to everyone as it has a pleasant storyline with a meaningful message. The film has different moral messages that could be applied to everyone. The message I got was to never to give up, as cliche as that sounds, which is something everyone should apply to their daily life. However, if you are a huge marvel fan and don 't believe in females saving the world and have some sort of prejudice against females, then this is the not the film for you because it heavily centralizes on the appearance on feminine

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