Love And Life In Shakespeare's Sonnet 73

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Aging to some is disheartening as this is the process of growing old, however to some this can be a wonderful thing. The recollections and encounters can be something to cherish as one gets old. The life lessons are additionally something that one may esteem. At the end of life comes death which is inevitable. In "Sonnet 73," William Shakespeare demonstrates that love and life are valuable. By suggesting that the ones you adore will not live forever. To love and cherish the time you have. Shakespeare characterizes love as a treasure that you should keep with you even through the troublesome circumstances throughout everyday life. All through the poem the speaker utilizes numerous illustrations to compare aging with nature. For instance, in the first quatrain he says, "That time of year thou mayst in me behold" (Shakespeare 454). The speaker is comparing his age with the season fall as mentioned how the leaves are beginning to yellow and fall off the trees as the season is getting colder. As the birds that once sang has now left their branches. This statement indicates how once youthful and wonderful it appears eventually everything will get old. How times are passing by quickly…show more content…
This quote could show how he feels that everything is getting darker and eventually the sun will go down. As the speaker may be comparing how his life will come to and end. He then goes on to say that as the sunset fades and the black night will take it away that this is death’s second self that seals up all in rest. This means that death is compared to darkness as when one dies down and the light of the world fades away like the sunset. Eventually it will be dark and the youthfulness and the light that one once knew will be no more. Death is sad and dark as when babies are born they are welcomed into the world with light, but as you die you are welcomed to death with
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