Love And Love In Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises

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Love has an abundance of meanings to a variety of people, some liking the idea, while others feel a more physical or emotional connection. Being in love with isn’t just being with the person, it’s a feeling in which both people endure with each other. In addition, love doesn’t always have a happy ending, in the famous cliche, “If you love something set it free,” means that sometimes love is about keeping that person happy, and in order to do that the two people have to be happy on their own. Romance isn’t just a physical attraction, but also an emotional bond that brings people together. In The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway, the characters are experiencing love through more physical relationships than emotional relationships showing many…show more content…
Mike was also extremely intoxicated at that time, which can cause his behavior. The conduct of Mike is due to Brett having commitment issues and her selfishness towards others feelings. Also, relationships that end in marriage are usually built on time with each other, thus, showing that mike and brett Are not ready to be married. They get tired of each other, Brett cheats, and they don’t particularly care for each…show more content…
Love is built on honesty, trust, time, loyalty, etc., and the characters have not exhibited any of that behavior, they truly expressed the opposite actions towards each other. Brett cheat on Mike, losing loyalty and trust; Brett and Mike do not know each other enough to be together, they need time to get used to each other; Honesty was used often, but too much honestly can hurt someone, Brett stated the facts to Jake about their relationship. These examples clearly show that the characters in the story are not at all in love, but more confused and unsure of what they should

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