Love And Love In Federigo's Falcon By Giovanni Boccaccio

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As best-selling novelist Karen Kingsbury once said, “You don 't have love without sacrifice; you can 't have sacrifice without love”. Some people may understand that idea a little too well. One of those people is Federigo, the main character in Federigo’s Falcon . In the story, he falls in love with Monna, and spends his money and time trying to impress her, to no avail. Finally, he is left with nothing but his prized possession, his falcon. Then, Monna’s sick and dying son requests one final thing; Federigo’s falcon. Monna goes to his house to ask, and Federigo rushes to find something to prepare for her, but the only thing he has is his bird. He kills it and prepares it as a meal, in one last attempt at wooing Monna. Then, he finds out he has killed the thing she comes to ask of him and he fills with immediate regret. Although she eventually marries him, at first she will not become involved with him at all, as he spends all his time working to gain her love. In the short story Federigo’s Falcon by Giovanni Boccaccio, there are grand themes of love, devotion, and sacrifice displayed throughout the piece.

To start the entire story comes the concept of love, as that is the basis of it all. In order for Federigo “to win her love, he held jousts and tourneyings and made entertainments and gave gifts and spent his substance without any stint” (Boccaaccio 1). Simply put, Federigo realizes his love for Monna, and begins to show off to impress her. He spent and used everything
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