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Promenading along the storyline, it is not too difficult for movie-goers to stumble upon the recurrent theme which is amazingly added, not blatantly, but artistically and suavely. When people are young, they are unable to pursue both their career and their love. When they get either of them, looking back, and the other has vanished already . That is the anguish Chazelle wants to depict and he has successfully superimposed his point of view to create a hard-luck but pragmatic story. La La Land is beautiful in each of its sequence, in the bundle of feelings it leads people through. They descry themselves in both Mia and Sebastian, young, bold and brave with a palpitating heart gasping for love and being loved, for dedication and contribution. They find a romantic love story which is similar to theirs in several scenes of the movie, a passionate love with daydreaming dates, a stealthy kiss when the cinema goes black, the…show more content…
She is singing for those who are dreaming like her, for those who buckle under hardships and for those who bravely overcome. Mia, Seb and thousands of “Mia” and “Seb” out there, including me, are still swimming in the teeming pool of strivers and seekers. We are chasing headlong after our dreams. We are clamoring for a life full of happiness and success. The unfathomable ending in the movie is not what we want our lives to pan out. Yet La La Land does not want to say about a saccharine love-hate relationship with a predictable happy ending, it wants to tell stories about those who are foolish, who dare to dream and who dare to make their dreams come true. Chazelle leaves movie-goers with a contemplation that forces them to bear throughout the film until they walk out of the cinema door, they come home deep in thoughts. The film teaches many things that I have never been mature enough to
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