Love And Love In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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Shakespeare’s famous play, Much Ado About Nothing, encompasses a complex web of events that amuses the audience through misconceptions and quick wit. All the characters are involved in schemes that cause their companions to run in circles of confusion and doubt. Even Benedick, the most rational character in the piece, is dragged into multiple schemes and manipulated into undertaking foolish activities. The first scheme, leading him to fall in love with Beatrice, changed his perspective on the value of love and friendship and caused his to redefine his priorities. In the beginning of the play, Benedick, enjoying the life of a bachelor, swore against marriage. However, Shakespeare creates a dilemma that forces Benedick to make an unchangeable decision between his longtime friend, Claudio, and the love of his life, Beatrice. Driven into a corner, Benedick chose to follow the will of Beatrice rather than Claudio, the exact opposite of what he would have done at the start of the play. Shakespeare makes Benedick contemplate his options and consider whether his love for Beatrice is more valuable than his friendship with Claudio.
From the moment of his introduction, Benedick was the man who would never fall in love, refusing to participate in the foolish activities of lovers that could cloud the mind from logic. In Benedick’s mind, the life of a bachelor is the only path towards happiness. He, as well as his fellow bachelor friends, used to laugh at the idea of falling in love,
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