Love And Love In Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree

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Being unselfish can promote happiness, not only for someone else but for yourself. If you unselfishly give something to someone who is on the selfish side, you will not only bring them happiness, it can show love. Having love for someone as a motherly-type figure can sometimes result in the motherly figure wanting to give the “child” things to take care of them. In The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein uses the tree to symbolise giving and love that the tree has for the boy like a mother.

In the story The Giving Tree, the tree acts as a motherly figure to the boy showing love and support. The tree shows love and support for the boy by her wanting to give the boy whatever he need or wants and she supports him when he wants to build a house or boat
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Once the boy grew out of the needing to be nurtured by the tree and stopped visiting her she still waited for the boy to come to see her because she had never moved on. For example, “And the boy grew older. And the tree was often alone. Then one day the boy came to the tree and the tree said, "Come, Boy, come and climb up my trunk and swing from my branches and eat apples and play in my shade and be happy." "I am too big to climb and play" said the boy.” This example shows how the tree never realized that the boy would grow and drift away but she continuously loved the boy. Even though the boy moved on she could never do that.

In the book The Giving Tree the tree is represented as a motherly figure who cares and loves the tree as it’s child. The book shows how much the tree really cares for the boy by her actions. For example, how she gave the boy everything she could, or how she played games with him, or nurtured him, it was all out of love. This story was a very sweet representation of love that the tree had for the boy, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you have not read this story yet, I encourage you to do so. Once you read it you won’t be
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