Love And Love In The Notebook: A Perfect Love Story

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Often hidden behind a perfect love story, lies complications from different aspects of life. Noah and Allie’s summer romance was full of both ups and downs. From the start, Allie was unsure of Noah 's intentions but gave him a chance. The notebook is a “full range of human emotion, including both love and tragedy” said Sparks in an interview. In Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook, Allie and Noah overcome all obstacles such as socioeconomic class, long distance relationships, and mistaken engagements, proving the theme that obstacles strengthen their relationship. One of the biggest obstacles Noah and Allie had to overcome is that Allie’s parents did not want their only daughter to date and potentially marry a man whose socioeconomic status was so…show more content…
Another problem that Allie and Noah had to overcome was that at the end of summer, Allie was moving away and they would no longer be able to see each other. Allie came to visit family in New Bern, North Carolina for the summer but as summer was ending she was forced to go home. Allie would soon have to go from seeing Noah everyday to not seeing him at all. Little did both Allie and Noah know that she was leaving as soon as she did. The couple did not get a chance to say their goodbyes. Noah wrote letters to Allie everyday for a year straight. Allie never actually received them because her mom took them and kept them hidden for she didn’t want Noah and Allie to be together or even in contact with each other. After writing letters to Allie for a year with no response he lost all hope. ‘“I remember being unable to stop painting after I went home that summer. I think it was my way of avoiding the pain I was going through”’(Sparks 39). Allie was devastated after not hearing from her and she began searching for new love. She later met a very successful lawyer, Lon Hammond Jr., whose family was similar to Allie’s. She started dating Lon and eventually he proposed to Allie. Allie loved Lon and everything he had to offer but she always said something was missing. ‘“I guess I still look for the kind of love we had that summer”’ (Sparks
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