Love And Love In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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First, we’ll start with the characters. 1. R Montes (Romeo Montague) • In the adaptation, R was a son of a trapo. • In the modern adaptation, he was first appealed to me as a journalist. There was a scene wherein after an outrage happened between the aktibistas and the policemen, R captured photos from the scene. • Romeo’s image as the “lover” wasn’t gone in characterization with R. We could still see his relation with love, on how he defined love as mingling purity and aggressiveness. We see how he loved Rosaline first. In Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo was a Petrarchan lover, a man whose feelings of love aren 't reciprocated by the lady he admires and who uses the poetic language of sonnets to express his emotions about his situation. In the play, we could see how sexually active R is. We saw there how R (“sorry for the next term” -Shad) masturbates in a video clip, wherein Rosaline was strip-teasing him. The video suggested that they had experience sex before they broke up. And because of this, R is still craving for Rosaline that he could not delete this clip. This particular scene shows today’s teenagers and how sexually open-minded they are now that they explore their sexuality even they are not married. Virginity isn’t as sacred as it is in the old times. • Because the theme of the adaptation was a bit of “hallucination”, we could see there that R was popping pill of illegal drugs Markky (Mercutio) and Ben (Benvolio) gave him. It reflects how teens are influenced by
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