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We have all at one point or another have been the person to sabotage a relationship, or on the receiving end of it–and we know that it doesn 't feel good. Good or bad most of people either don 't know how to articulate their feelings, or they have a hard time articulating how they feel about another person, especially to the person that they care about. Two people can really care about each other, but because one or both isn’t acting on those feelings the relationship may never have a chance to reach its greatest potential. Since most of us don’t know how to handle or express our feelings when we’re in love, many times we miss out on the wonderful experience that a loving relationship can be.

As a rule most of us we’re not taught that love can be complicated, messy and painful, but love can also be exhilarating, wonderful and fulfilling.The main thing that someone should 've taught us was that whether
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Regardless of how you sabotage a relationship whether it is distancing yourself from the other person, downplaying the relationship, or whatever it is that you do to slow down the relationship in order to protect yourself, you are really doing irreversible damage to the relationship. What you are doing without realizing it is destroying trust. You realize that you are beginning to have deeper feelings for the other person, but instead of showing them how you really feel about them, you 've chosen to hurt them to protect yourself. Now, if you think about it that makes no sense at all, but people do it everyday, and then wonder why they 're alone. They are alone because someone either got tired of the behavior, or got tired of trying to figure out the behavior and moved on. That push-pull moodiness of someone who doesn’t know what they want or doesn’t know how to express what they want is tiring, and any person with any self-respect is going to eventually give up trying to figure it

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