Love And Love: The Positive Effects Of Love

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The way love can affect our lives is making everyone come together to keep the world spinning although there are negative and positive effects of that. Individuals are taught at a young age on how to love either negatively and positively which soon impacts our relations with one another. Both Skye Cleary and Gary Lewandowski teach that love can have conflicting emotions when it comes down to it. That love can be misleading affections on one another but it 's also a way we make babies on the earth. However, the love given as a minor can impact future romantic love in unpredictable ways as of cheating on one another, hatred towards one another, and also depression. Some would say cheating is dreadful to relationships, however, it can lead to some understanding. In Jack London’s “Love Letter” he states, “like ghosts, which, while we doubt haunt us with their truth” (5). London utilizes smiles, for example, ghost to depict how love can be chasing us with the reality of what it truly is when cheating on someone. Then in Lady Jane Wilde’s “Tristan and Isolde: The Love Sin” the character Tristan states, “Yet their hands would twine unseen” (12). Wilde uses allusion in…show more content…
In Robert Firestone’s article “Why Do We Hate Love” he states, “People are afraid of being hurt in the same ways they were hurt as children” (7). The tragic times in the life of a child are able to stick with them till their adulthood, which can interfere with the way they are able to love. Then he also states in the article, “When people have been hurt, they feel that if they accept love into their life, the whole world as they have experienced it would be shattered, and they would not know who they were” (9). Some individuals feel as if their past experiences will affect not only the romantic love of their relations with their partner but also not understanding themselves as an
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