Love And Lust In Beowulf

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It is Ironic how love and lust are so much related to each other but very much different. Love and lust are two terms that oppose each other in many ways, yet seems to get thrown together at times. But, love and lust do not have anything in common. Love is an intense feeling of affection and cares towards another person. On the other hand, lust is a strong desire of a sexual nature. Most the time us as humans we will get bewildered and can mix these two terms.
Lust can be a desire or craving between two people or one person and an object. A 30 y/o rapper name Kendrick Lamar has a song called “LUST.” “LUST.” is Kendrick’s perspective on the tiresome lifestyle of a “rap star.” Centered around themes of a sexual environment. A routine of daily life for those with fame and wealth that often involves lust of all forms. Lust grows at a fast rate. In the song he says, “I just need you to want me Am I aski n' too much?” Kendrick is expressing his craving and desire also
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Love, however, is not a feeling that is immediate it is an emotional response that takes time to develop. Love is the deep desire to further your dreams no matter what with an individual. It revolves around nurturing and growth. Never just about physical wants and needs it can protect you when needed the most in every aspect of your life. It’s more in connection with friendship than any sort of coupling; love grows at a very slow rate.

In contrast, when we think we are “in love” it would make sense that you want nothing more than to be with that person every minute of every day. But, the initial physical attraction between the one person to another is non-other than lust. This is where people can get conflicted with the two terms of love and lust. People can be sexually and physically attracted to someone but mentally they’re not and this is where relationships and friendships can get mixed up and destroy the connection they once thought they

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