Love And Lust In Othello

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Love and lust are both universal and are constantly being applied in the lives of people everywhere. Both love and lust can be found in all types of relationships; one can love their significant other, their friend, their relative, or anyone else who is a part of their life. These two emotions hold the power to influence the decisions of others. Those who make decisions based on love or lust can have good results like showing affection, or the results can be horrendous like stalking or harassing the person they are in love with or lust for. Love and lust are two powerful feelings that can be shown in different ways and can also be influenced by other emotions, such as jealousy, resulting in different forms of violence or harassment. Everyone does not always have the same views on love. In Carver’s short story, Mel implies how he feels no one truly knows…show more content…
Many crimes of passion are the result of jealousy. “Othello” shows readers how the jealousy of one or two people can result in violent actions and even death. In “Othello,” Roderigo was in love with Desdemona, who was already married to Othello. He teamed up with Iago, who possessed envy because Cassio had been promoted to the position Iago desired. Together, Iago and Roderigo plotted to destroy Cassio’s image and reputation as well as Desdemona’s marriage. As Iago began setting Cassio up, he began to develop feelings of his own for Desdemona. Iago and Roderigo’s actions resulted in numerous deaths throughout the play. First Iago stabs and kills Roderigo. Then, Othello’s jealousy leads him to smother Desdemona because she was “false with Cassio” (Shakespeare 767). After Emilia outed Iago, he pierced her with a knife, killing her. Lastly, Othello knifed himself. All of these deaths occurred because two men were desirous of things other people had. These acts exhibit the abominable effects jealousy can have on people’s

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