Love And Lust Research Paper

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In life, certain people experience love for a person, while others only experience what they think is love. Love and lust have gradually became a part of society and people have a hard time differentiating the two feelings. The difference is simply this, when a person lusts, they seek pleasure at the expense of another. They don 't really love the person, but they love the thought of the person and they enjoy what the person can do for them. Lust is when someone uses another person and that person knows that they have a false love for the other. This person may believe he or she is in love but what they 're feeling is the desire to be in love with a significant other. Sometimes lust can turn into love for someone, but other times it unfortunately cannot. Love is when you make a decision to "will the good of another person." You can tell when you are in love because you will do anything for the person that you are in love with and you have a feeling for them that is pure and true. You wouldn 't want to hurt that person and you would never play with their…show more content…
In the show, you can tell that they are in love from many different aspects. Pam always talks about how kids usually assume that their parents are soulmates, and then she would say that her kids would be right about that. This relates to theology of the body because it shows how Pam and Jim are committed to each other, like all couples should be. Another way that I can tell that they love each other is that their love is rooted in their friendship. A lot of couples say that they are "in love with their best friend", but Jim and Pam show their love by laughing together, confiding in each other, enjoying each other 's company, and they genuinely want the other person to be happy. Theology of the body taught me that they are happy together because they want the best for each other. They are so happy together because they not only worry about themselves, but they worry about how their partner is
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