Obsession In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Ever since we were kids we all had a dream. Some wanted to be an astronaut, others wanted to be a NBA player, model, etc. Somewhere along the road many give up their dreams and very few keep pursuing their childhood dreams with an obsession until they achieve it. Obsession in the dictionary of Merriam-Webster is defined as someone or something that a person thinks about constantly or frequently. Having and obsession can be good for people, an instrument to achieve what we want, but it can also become dangerous if there is no balance between wanting something badly and hurting others or yourself, for example getting sick. In the event that it becomes dangerous there are treatments to battle obsession, like therapy. Mary Shelley in her…show more content…
He left his family and friends in his hometown of Geneva and went to the university of Ingolstadt to study anatomy, this created and obsession that helped him motivate himself to keep going and complete the task of creating life. The monster had a desire to be accepted in society, that is why he learns in scret to read, talk and behave by watching De Lacey, Felix and Agatha threw a hole in there home. The power of an obsession can be underappreciated, Anne Dorko arguments that obsession can break barriers that once were stopping us, like “Well, maybe this wasn’t meant to be”. When you’re obsessed, none of that bothers you. When you’re obsessed, your mind is so hell-bent on making sh*t happen that it doesn’t matter what gets in your way: You’re going to make it work. That is the power of obsession (Anne Dorko). Having an obsession can be thought to be a negative thing, but as Anne Dorko explained, it can be a useful instrument to fulfill what we want. Victor Frankenstein and the monster both used their obsession as their instrument. Victor wanted to create life and the monster wanted to learn everything from humans to be accepted by society. This is the positive side of and
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