Love And Revenge In Othello

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Othello by William Shakespeare is a play that questions nature and God. It investigates the faults of man by telling a story of love, jealousy, greed and pride. The play examines the actions of the main characters; Othello, Iago and Desdemona, in order to determine whether they are a result of personal choices or the manipulation of others.

The play begins in Venice, where Roderigo argues to Iago that he is not capable of pursuing Desdemona, as he has just discovered that she is to marry the general, Othello, but Iago continues to manipulate convince Roderigo that it can be done. Othello had received the job of lieutenant, which Iago desperately wanted, and so Iago is filled with hatred, using Rodrigo’s situation as a leverage to ruin Othello. Iago begins his plot of revenge by going to see Desdemona’s father, Barbanzio and delivering the news to him that Othello, the moor, has kidnapped his daughter. Barbanzio is outraged and in front of the Duke, he accuses Othello of stealing his daughter, but Othello explains that he has not wooed Desdemona through witchcraft, but by stories of his adventures. Desdemona enters and continues to convince the Duke by describing her love for Othello. The Duke announces that Othello, along with the company of Desdemona, will go to Cyprus to help defend it against the Turks.

That night, Iago makes Cassio drunk, and as persuaded by Iago, Roderigo starts a fight with Cassio, as the fight breaks out, Cassio stabs Roderigo. This commotion

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