Disney Movie Interpretation

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There are many events which were differently portrayed in the film keeping the reality behind. It is through this newly portrayed story, people believe Pocahontasto be the movie of love and separation. There are many other aspects of the movie. Film radically alter the surrounding fats of the protagonist’s life, including her life history, age and physical appearance. These alteration also changes the real messages of the story. By changing her age from prepubescent to post adolescent, movie changes her motivation for saving a life. Where she saved John Smith’s life out of humanity, movie made it appear that she saved his life out of love, inspired by romantic passion. Belsey mentions in her essay ”Textual Analysis as a research method” what Derrida says in…show more content…
In other words, every time anyone uses a familiar mask or image, the shift its meaning very slightly in the process” (Belsey,164). Pocahontasis not only recreation of a folktale but also a source through which one can see hidden reality that lies in the beautified version of Disney movie. “No text can ever compels its reader to view it in a particular way. We should do better, in my view, to adopt a critical vocabulary that allows the text to ‘invite’ certain readings and ‘offer’ specific positions to its addressee”(Belsey, 163). When we critically observe or analyze the movie Pocahontas, we will find many hidden aspects of the movie. Inspite of watching the movie as its beautified version, when one inclines towards its multiple meaning, one can change his/her opinion about the movie. The racial bias towards the Indian in Pocahontascontinued the pattern of negative stereotypes of Native Americans or non-whites in movies. In the movie Pocahontas reject
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