Love At First Love In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Nadine Darniza / 12I
Romeo and Juliet

In the country-sides, there is this girl named Juliet and her neighbor named Romeo. He falls in love instantly with Juliet, because she’s really pretty at the first sight. Romeo told her friend about her, everything about her is so perfect to Romeo. One year goes by, Juliet moves into another house far from Romeo’s house. Romeo is really stressful when Juliet moves far away from him, but it doesn’t cut down his effort to meet Juliet everyday. The other day, Romeo is sneaking to Juliet’s house to see her very cool smile, and her pretty face. His effort to meet Juliet is very meaningful to him, because he can see her pretty face. “ I love her.” Romeo said whispering. Day by day, as Romeo already know Juliet’s new house, he always sneaks to her house to see her everyday. Romeo is always happy when he see Juliet face, even though he can’t really talk to her now. Romeo and Juliet don’t know each other, but Romeo was falls in love too fast with her. Love at first sight? People are always right with that statement, yeah. Love at first sight is such a real thing. Romeo really loves Juliet even though they don’t know each other yet. Another day has come, Romeo still sneaking to her house. But this day, Juliet is really suspicious about him. Actually, yesterday Juliet was already know about Romeo was sneaking in to her house, but Juliet didn’t really think about it. Juliet already knows Romeo since she lives in the country-side near
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