Love At First Pain In Romeo And Juliet's Love

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Love at first sight is a delusive feeling. Although there are many people who will argue with this statement, it is true. Love can be considered as an intense feeling of deep affection (Merriam-Webster, 2018), which is a feeling that most of the time has to involve. People who have experienced an intense feeling such as love at first sight are mistaken. There cannot be love without knowing a person you experience your feelings towards to. An emotion that people have experienced towards each other is called attraction. Attraction can be described as an action or a power of evoking interest in someone. These two definitions describe different emotions a person can experience which means a person cannot experience one before another. In spite of this fact, there are a lot of people who do believe in love at first sight. This is caused by the fictional arts such as books. movies , and other literature that can be seen in modern time.…show more content…
One of the most famous examples is a play based on Romeo’s and Juliet’s love. (Shakespeare, 1597) The play is considered to be a tragedy because of so many deaths due to the love of two protagonists. Both of lovers and their families suffer due to the effect of their love. Romeo and Juliet considered their love as one of a kind, so they got married as fast as possible. It was a terrible decision due to the fact that later on lovers are separated and are miserable without each other. To save their marriage, they try to fool their families, but the plan fails and both of the characters end up killing themselves. While their deaths might have been an effect of their parents’ feud, this story would not be successful due to other complications in their relationships. This Shakespeare’s play has influenced many writers and professors to write their own opinion on the possibility of love at first
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