Love At First Sight In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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The love at first sight
Some people believe in love at first sight and some people don’t. Those people who don’t believe at first sight like to know the person better. In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the main characters look like they are falling in love at the first sight, and maybe they are not in love. Reading Romeo and Juliet makes me believe in love because when someone see a true beauty, their heart starts racing and began to fall in love. . People ask me if I believe in love at first sight. As my perspective, I do believe in love at first sight because it 's a great experience to try something new. For example, when someone experience love at first sight tends to love that person the moment that she will have destiny.
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More evidence that Romeo and Juliet in love. After the party, Romeo meets Juliet at the balcony. When Juliet says she loves Romeo, she meant she truly loves him. Even though Romeo is a Montague, she admits that she is willing to marry him regardless of their unfortunate situation. However, she wouldn 't love Romeo as long if he loves her, and wish that he wouldn 't be a Montague. She dozed off at the stars while saying, “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?”(2.2.35). She wants to know why Romeo is a Montague. At the end of the monologue she state, “Take me myself”, Romeo is delight with what he heard in the balcony. Meanwhile, he startled Juliet as he jumped off the orchard walls, realizing that he has eavesdropped her spoken thoughts privately. Juliet said, “How camest thou hither, tell me, and wherefore?” (2.2.68-69). She means how did he get here, and why did he come? Romeo replied, “With love 's light wings did I o’erperch these walls” (2.2.73). This shows that love helped him climb the orchard walls. He doesn 't care if gets caught, but as for Juliet she warned him that if he gets discovered he would put into death because he is a Montague. Romeo tells her that he rather die from their hatred than have his death if she doesn 't love him. It is humorous that Romeo replied, My life were better ended by their hate/ than death prorogued waiting if they love”(2.2.86-87). This shows that Romeo and Juliet truly love each other, which need a certain level of love. Clearly, Romeo and Juliet believe that they are in love and I agree with that. Love at first sight happens to have an unexpected relationship, even though many opponents disagree that love doesn 't exist. Once we understand that there is love at first sight, we will be careful to what we choose. Love is believing in their integrity and good intentions towards you. It is something that people can

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