Love By Toni Morrison Literary Analysis

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Morrison believes that the familiar themes of mainstream American literature such as innocence, individualism, masculinity, and freedom are responses to the ‘Africanist presence' in America. Imagination interacting with the external world comes from the evasiveness about slavery, race, and the moral questions inherent in the country's treatment of blacks. In this paper I tried to depict how Toni Morrison presents a complex portrait of an American era of public struggle. It deals with the depths of human experiences and the impact of the civil rights movement on the people who lived through it. My paper claims that the novel ‘Love’ deals with the complex questions that civil rights movement raised, and the intense impact it had on the personal…show more content…
Along with a history of oppression for over three hundred years, discrimination is the central part of the African American experience. The poverty rates of the African Americans are as steady as they were some decades ago. They are the most segregated groups in American society. A convenient way to measure segregation is to look at housing and residential areas. In Love, L laments over the poor conditions of the houses made by the " Equal Opportunity developer" for the black community: " And he wasn't the one who boarded up the hotel and sold seventy-five acres to an Equal Opportunity developer for thirty-two houses built so cheap my shack puts them to shame" (Morrison 9), and in Tar Baby, Son shows how difficult life is in an all-black town like Eloe, where people "[. . .] didn't know about state aid [. . .] there were no welfare lines in Eloe and unemployment insurance was a year of trouble with no rewards" (Morrison 270). African Americans are over represented in city public housing developments. This problem has a lot to do with health issues as well. The infant mortality rate for blacks in America is one of the highest in the world, higher than any other industrialized country, and higher than even some of the third world countries. African American children have a mortality rate twice that of white children. Many African Americans at this point take a side-drive and try to explore the ideologies of the black liberation struggle. Many African Americans are often confused about the exact nature of these struggles. Besides, most of the older leaders were assassinated before they could really articulate their plans, and there have been numerous splits and divisions since then. The most crucial issue has been the question of whether to establish a separate existence or integrate into the dominant culture, which most of Morrison's characters are confused
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