Love Comparisy: Love's Vocabulary By Diane Ackerman

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What is love’s definition? Whether love’s description is passionate, serene, or vigilant, love’s outward appearance of how people see it ordinarily tends to be different than its true value of essence. Love is an intense feeling of deep emotions, a divine energy, and an activity that maintains a positive mood throughout someone’s day. Love may be difficult and hard to comprehend during specific times, but it is there to fight against anger and hate when needed. Throughout the beginning of “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, there was more than enough sorrow from Romeo’s feelings for Rosaline that he could not bare. It was his love for her that put depression upon his shoulders, for he was the one who fell in love with her before she rejected him. In this case…show more content…
“Love is the great intangible” for it is hard to grasp on to the idea of what it is built of on the inside. As powerful as it appears to be, love has “turned tough guys to mush…driven strong women mad…bankrupt robber barons”. It is more than just happiness, satisfaction, and contentment, because it is the absence of fear. Ackerman said, “We use the word love in such a sloppy way that it can mean almost nothing or absolutely everything.” If someone says, “I love my new scented lotion”, its measure of love is different than if someone were to say “My family is the love of my life”. This is comparing pleasure of an everyday object to interpersonal affection that people have for each other. Love in this way is not as passionate or serene as in “Romeo and Juliet”, and it does not have the same amount of value like it used to before, because of how often it is used today. Lines 66-67, “Since all we have is one word, we talk about love in increments or unwieldy ratios.” The way love is used in sentences can vary, “but not love itself, not the essence of the
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