Love Dog: A Short Story

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It felt like the lids to my eyes where being forced open while cans of salt pored into them. I moved my arms in front of me to act as my eyes and I could feel my flesh grinding and oozing as though it was replaced with something fowl. With chard fingers I felt around my face, feeling the skin that protected my eyes, now as sharp as trillions of infinite razor blades. I opened my eyes once more and the light’s intensity burned into my eyes, but I could endure. I held my hands out once more hiding my eyes from the intense light. The floor seemed to move unnaturally, like I was walking on river of slime. Everything around me seemed to slither in and out of the light into the darkness in my mind. “Ahggg.” I called out for help, feeling…show more content…
Sorry, I get lost sometimes, remembering what I had when my love was with me. I should probably start off by telling you my name. Here goes… Hello, My name is Love Dog. Your probably asking yourself what kind of a name is that? I know, it’s silly, but you see I’ve forgotten what my real name was. Love Dog was the name given to me by the devil. Yes, Satan, Lucifer, whatever word you want to call that bastard. I can’t tell you how long it has been, but I still remember her face the day before she died. It was summer and the warm breeze passed through her hair and tickled my cheek. I remember the smell of orchids and the grass nested between my fingers. We were kissing. Oh how I long for her sweet kiss. We were sitting on the grass in a park not to far from her house. Her father had forbidden us to see each other, but nether man nor beast could take us apart. Or so I thought. Our hands brushed past each others as our lips held together, a sign of our love for one another, a mystic right binding our souls as one for eternity. I remember her leaving abruptly. She said that she had to go home before her father got suspicious. I sat in that park for what could have been forever with her kiss lingering on my lips. We were young but we knew we found something that most longed for. That was the last time I saw her
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