True Love Analysis

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True love is possibly the most fulfilling of life's secret treasures. but love by a lesser standard is still extremely important for the human experience. In the poem True Love by Wislawa Szymborska Wislawa talks of how true love is overrated and unnecessary. But in truth the argument against true love is created to comfort those who lack it. Love, if not true love is an crucial emotion for the human race; it is important for psychological development, social development, and in the end happiness. Is love an emotion? Even though love is a mixture of chemicals in the brain it is also a combination of emotions exhibited by the human race. It is the feelings of joy, support, and Strength given through companionship. Love is supposedly the great…show more content…
By establishing a connection with their parents and siblings children are also taught how to interact with others."The child's first relationship, the one with the mother, acts as a template, as it permanently molds the individual's capacities to enter into all later emotional relationships."(Young) These first relationships help explain how to navigate through social situations. These early relationships can also affect how a child acts ad feels. If a child's relationships fail to form or their parents are distant, they may become socially awkward or develop low self esteem. But at the same time a child who has a fully developed relationship with their parents will be more understanding of basic emotions and empathy. This early base can affect peoples decisions throughout their lives. Love has been extremely important for people throughout history as well. Peoples love for their country would inspire them to defend it. Someones love for their job keeps them happy while at work. A soldier at war may think about his wife and child. All these people take inspiration from the people or this they love and use it to motivate themselves. But at the same time there are people who cant take inspiration from this emotion. People who have never found or built a true and strong connection with someone, or someone who is bitter and has regrets. These people either live one impassive or…show more content…
In the Christian scripture god creates woman from man, so as to give man a companion. In the times before Christ in the bible men and women still married. Although some men are described as polygamist love could still prevail, as in The Story of Hosea and Gome. Where Hosea takes Gome back after she betrayed him and took another lover. Love has come through from this early beginnings of culture and society to todays twenty first century world. Love has spanned countless generations, no matter where in time it occurs love has connected countless people on a plane deeper than that of friendship and camaraderie. In todays modern world love can be described as something intangible yet still dangled in front of ones face. With the proliferation of dating websites like E-harmony and finding true love has become a process that seems ever more so out of our control. Although with the change of time processes and methods of finding love or true love have changed, the fact is that people are still driven to companionship and the search for true love no matter how or when. The search for love will last as long as people feel emotions, as the feelings of fear, inadequacy and loneliness are what drive people to find another who will accept and soothe these feelings without any
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