Love Essay: To Love And To Be Loved

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To Love And To Be Loved
The reality of true love is a controversial matter universal to the entirety of the world. True love is not black and white, it can be far more complicated than meets the eye. Regardless, love is a beautiful and warm emotion, and no matter what language you speak or what religion you practice everybody is capable of loving and being loved. True love is unconditional, forgiving, and understanding (Morgan). A love that is true is a feeling that conquers all; true love is without a doubt an inevitable part of life, and is displayed in many of the true love poems including “Somewhere I Have Never Travelled,” “A Red Red Rose” and “I Am Offering This Poem.”
Some people are lucky enough to meet their soulmate in high school and grow old with them, high school sweethearts they call them. Others are not so lucky and may search for years and years to experience true love. Regardless of the age, one’s first love is unforgettable and breathtaking, yet so many people are quick to judge the actuality of love in high school relationships. Although, many teenagers and young adults are simply too quick at throwing the ‘L’ word out into the open; they feel a sense of comfort and admiration and assume it to be love. The power of determining if the love is true or if it is pure infatuation lies solely on the ones in the relationship; falling in love happens differently to everybody and nobody should have the power to validate what others feel in their heart.
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