Love Exposed In Noah Calhoun's 'The Notebook'

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The Notebook is a love story that takes places during the time period of World War II. This story is told in the future by the now old couple. Noah Calhoun an old man is reading to a woman at a nursing home. Noah and a girl called Allie had just spent a wonderful summer with each other in New Bern, North Carolina. They fell in love with each other, but their love was forbidden by Allie’s parents. Noah tries to keep in touch with her by sending her letters, one on each day of a year. Eventually, Noah writes her one final letter that professes his undying love for her. Getting no responses, Noah decides to leave Allie behind and travels north to find himself a job and gets enrolled in the US Army. After serving his country, Noah returns back…show more content…
On their way back it starts raining and they kiss and romance occurs. Allie’s mother comes the next day and gives Allie all of Noah’s letters and leaves. Allie is struggling to understand which person she truly loves. She loves Noah, but she doesn’t want to hurt her fiancé Lon’s feelings. She leaves Noah and goes to her hotel reading her letters while Lon is waiting in the lobby. Old Noah stops the story and informs us that he is telling the story to his wife who has Alzheimer’s and that she doesn’t know who he is as a result. He is also battling illness of his own. He continues the story and tells the readers about Allie’s career as a successful painter, their children, them growing old together, and the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. That night they enjoy dinner together and making reference to the story, Allie doesn’t know which one of them that she chose. She realizes that the man in front of her is her husband and tells him that she loves him. They talk for quite some time but Allie begins to panic and hallucinate, forgetting who Noah is. Noah has a heart attack and can’t see Allie, but late at night he goes to visit Allie. Allie wakes up and tells him she loves him once
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