Love For Women In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Have you ever thought of why women love being with men who have money? In society men will give women what they need out of a man 's pocket and women will operate personal behalf men want from them. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald men with money have tons of power. Money gives power for men to form women to feel pleasant. Women believe that for them to be pleasant, they should have men who have money. Tom was able to hang around with Myrtle because he has money even though she had a husband who she thought was a "gentleman" according to her words (Fitzgerald 34). She 's light hearted to be with Tom due to the amount of goods he can accomplish toward her. She also told Catherine, " I 'm going to make a…show more content…
Daisy was astonished when she noticed Gatsby 's "yacht" and his "pompadour" which she sees as a rich and a very businesslike man (Fitzgerald 93). Finally, when Daisy went to Gatsby 's party, she sees innumerable "celebrities" she wanted to be around with (Fitzgerald 105). Gatsby 's power shows what Daisy desired and it also gave him what he wanted out of Daisy which was her love for him. Furthermore, men who don’t have money have less power and they are less wanted. No matter how much you do for a woman if you don’t have money they won’t want to be with you. Wilson knew Myrtle might have less interest if he wear his normal clothes during his wedding so he “borrowed somebody’s best suit to get married in” to look best for Myrtle (Fitzgerald 35). Myrtle doesn’t want to be with him anymore due to the little amount of money he has. Tom tried everything in his power to earn money and “go West” because Myrtle’s “been talking about it for ten years”(Fitzgerald 123). Therefore men with money will always be in power. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, women are willing to be with men since the benefit of getting what they
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