Love Handles Liposuction Essay

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LOVE HANDLES LIPOSUCTION Love handles are where the back, sides, and pelvis meet in a triangle shape that a lot of subcutaneous fat is accumulated. This area is hardly eliminated unless you control your weight under a standard weight. In most cases, celebrities who have smooth S-lines keep their weight under the standard or their body lines would have been effectively enlivened through liposuction. This area can be operated in about 30 min without any problem in your daily life. Also, properties of the fat is good so it is a good area for killing two birds with one stone as the harvested fat is used in fat graft or stem cell graft. The operation is done through a 4mm small scar on the tailbone. Even if you wear a revealing cloth or a bikini,…show more content…
1:1 customized surgery in consideration of individual physical traits A patient’s body type, age, skin, and abdominal fascia are meticulously analyzed and we enhance patient’s satisfaction by conducting 1:1 customized treatments for surgical accuracy and safety. Body contouring specialists who can conduct elaborate surgery based on various types of experience in years The Line body contouring medical team has 16,000 cases of experience in various types for 12 years, so a proportionate and charming body line can be achieved. Two anesthesiologists on call 24/365 The Line Body Contouring Center solves patient’s anxiety by 1:1 anesthesia and prevents anesthetic accidents in advance. A slim body The flank being reshaped, your waist line looks slender and smooth from all angles from the front, back, and 45-degrees. A scientific aftercare management system Radiofrequency and Endermologie are used after surgery for swelling care and skin elasticity regenerative treatments. The skin which could be loose after liposuction is tightened, which makes the final results more
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