Love In A Midsummer Night's Dream Essay

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Love is a universal subject that is significant and important in many lives. At the end of Shakespeare’s play, after a painful past, Demetrius’ fresh and recurring affection for the character Helena and Titania’s immediate infatuation for Nick Bottom is veiled as superficial love. Theseus’ speech about the effects or relationships incorporates how unrealistic love can be. Lysander’s feelings from love to hate towards Hermia represents how quickly emotions change. Hermia’s heart shattered as her own love refused her which expresses how painful love can be. In “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” written by William Shakespeare love is portrayed as superficial, unpredictable and painful, through the characters’ hardships in their relationships. Superficiality is a factor that “love” holds; which is shown in Shakespeare 's play through Titania’s relationship with Nick Bottom and Theseus’ speech concerning lovers. In scene Titania becomes deeply enamored with Bottom, although she hasn’t created a connection or reason to be in love with…show more content…
For example in act 1.1, Lysander stops loving Hermia and becomes enamored with Helena instead, due to a flower. Our emotions for someone can alter in a short amount of time, unexpectedly. Hermia never presumed Lysander would stop loving her at a high point of their relationship. Lysander claims love can end at any moment like a dream, no matter how compassionate and rich a relationship is. Anything may become a hardship unto the love and destroy it surprisingly. “If there were a sympathy in choice, war, death, or sickness did lay siege to it, making it momentary… jaws of darkness do devour it…” (Act1.1. 141-149). Love isn’t just unpredictable which is exemplified through Hermia’s significant other and Lysander’s thoughts but it brings a lot of
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