Hyla Brook Analysis

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Love is a concept that can be expressed in many different forms. Some people can be happy with love, while others may be angry with love. Robert Frost’s sonnet “Hyla Brook” shows one side of love. The sonnet is about how there used to be a brook, but it is no longer there so the only people that will know of it are the ones who have been there. Love is also talked about in the short story “Gregory”, by Panos Ioannides. The story is about a relationship the narrator has with a prisoner named Gregory during a time of military activity. The narrator is living in a military base and becomes very good friends with Gregory and ends up loving him like a best friend. This love is challenged because the narrator is instructed to shoot and kill Gregory. The short story “Gregory” and the sonnet “Hyla Brook” are connected to one another by the way they show how memories and different emotions are experienced when confronted with love. Although love is shown in both pieces of literature, it is shown in two different ways. The people in the sonnet loved the brook when it was still there. They have a soft and quiet love for the brook. This love can be seen when the narrator is…show more content…
The narrators in the two pieces of literature showed different types of love. The narrator in “Gregory” showed his anger and hatred, but then his respect in his type of love, while the narrator in “Hyla Brook” showed a happy and soft feeling in their kind of love. Both narrators had memories of what they loved or who they loved when they were gone. Love can be expressed in several types of ways, but the memories people keep with them show how important the loved object was to them. This not only can be seen in “Hyla Brook” and “Gregory”, it can be seen in other pieces of literature and even in people’s
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