Love In King Caesar

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William Shakespeare was known as one of the greatest artists of all times.
In all the plays written by Shakespeare, we witness acts of Power and Love. And how intricately they are woven together – the love for Power resulting in the act of regal presence which consequently results in a status of war and the rules of divide and conquer. On the other hand, Love portrays the power of sex, affection, and betrayal.
Time and again Shakespeare has shown his talents through his scripts. Each story, each play and each poem has only delivered one message, and that it, that no matter what happens, Good always conquers Evil. And when has Good ever manifested without its favourite medium – love?

In every story, in every play, at every moment, man has
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When seen from a modern day perspective, the story mainly revolves around administrative and organizational politics and conspiracy. The modern day organization faces all the problems and challenges faced by Caesar himself. More importantly, the manner in which Caesar handled the administration of his kingdom was lacking most of the important aspects of human resource management with the help of which, the story might have turned out quite differently. Further, the individuals who were related to Caesar and his kingdom were of two types - ones who were under Caesar, the others who were with him. While Caesar didn 't have many problems with his followers, his peers were the ones who scripted his end. Every single individual with the obvious exceptions of Mark Anthony and Octavius had conspired against him while this could 've so easily been avoided with effective and efficient human resource…show more content…
In Act 1 Scene 2 as Caesar returns to his kingdom, a Soothsayer warns him to beware of the “Ides of March”. Creating a committee such as a forecasting committee helps predict the future and the Life or fate the ruler. Considering the times the play is set in, mystical entities and objects, soothsayers, and dreams/nightmares proved to be methods of forecasting the near future. This can be hugely consequential with regards to major decisions or actions.

Type of management in which employees at all levels are encouraged to contribute ideas towards identifying and setting organizational-goals, problem solving, and other decisions that may directly affect them.
As noticed through the entire play, most of the crucial decisions or actions are made/taken by just a hand full of people. Considering the concept of participative management is implemented, each member of the committee is given a chance the express his/her opinion on the matter giving you a new perspective to it.

In order to strike a balance between work and life the organization designs certain policies for Work–life balance ensuring that the employee has enough time for work and enough to have a life.
This policy plays a very major role in the
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