Love In Milkman's The Song Of Solomon

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The Song of Solomon is a passage in the bible that is a series of poems. The poems are based of two lovers who compare each other to beautiful things. The two lovers are infatuated with each other. The man compares his maiden to a vineyard as she compared him to materialistic things such as jewels. One quote from the Song of Solomon is, “As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters” (2:2). I had two different interpretations of this line.
My love is then among thorns
My daughters are the thorns
My daughters are dangerous?
Beauty is danger. Hagar is a beautiful women who lusts after Milkman. Her lusts and desires make her feel as if she needs him. When Milkman does not give Hagar what she wants she starts to feel like killing him so no one else can have what she so badly loves. The line from the Song in Solomon can connect to this in a way because it show how love is complicated and can be dangerous. Too much love can make you dangerous and too little of it can put you in danger.

My love for my daughter is the lily among the thorns
Something beautiful coming out of something ugly. Milkman in this story started off selfish and unable to feel empathy for others. As the story goes on Milkman begins to
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Before looking into the Birmingham church bombing case I did not fully understand how the two connected. Once I researched more into depth, I found that Guitar would have be the man that needed to avenge the four girls deaths by placing a bomb and killing four young white girls. This would mean Guitar had to find enough money to set the bombs in place. Finding the gold to Guitar was not just for greed but to fulfill what he believed was his moral duty. In order to fully understand Guitars intentions in the Song of Solomon I believe that the reader must read about the Birmingham church
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