Love In Romeo And Juliet Analysis

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Within the play, Shakespeare uses many different forms of love, as love is seen as the dominant theme that runs throughout it. There are many different forms of love presented in the play but the most obvious of those being romantic love as seen between Romeo and Juliet, where both are willing to do anything for each other. This type of love is also seen between Romeo and Rosaline but the major difference between Romeo’s love for Rosaline and his love for Juliet is the fact that it is “for doting not for loving”. This unrequited, almost non-existent love plays a major role in the novel. Even though the idea of the romantic love could be seen as the most pertinent kind of love, Shakespeare threads many other kinds of love throughout the novel,…show more content…
Shakespeare juxtaposes the idea of their death with this imagery to almost show how happy they make each other and that even though they are young and naive, their love is true and pure just like the light is. In her soliloquy, Juliet reveals how much she truly loves Romeo. Juliet shows the audience through her lexis, such as the use of alliteration that is repeated throughout i.e ‘fiery-footed steeds’ makes her seem anxious and impatient for Romeo and that almost shows how she can’t live without him, and also other methods that her love for Romeo is true and not just ‘puppy love’. In this scene, Juliet is waiting in high anticipation for the nurse to arrive, just as she was in the previous act when she was waiting upon the news of her marriage. The echoing of this anticipation helps to emphasise just how true her love for Romeo really is and Shakespeare almost puts it forward to the audience that Juliet is ready and willing to wait forever for Romeo but is still eager for “cloudy night” to arrive so that she can be with…show more content…
This dramatic irony could connote how juliet knows that their love will end in tragedy but she is willing for that to happen if it means she can be with Romeo forever. However, this quotation could also suggest that juliet wants the “ancient grudge” to be over as she wants people to “pay no worship to the garish sun”. This could suggest that just like night is important to the couple as it is a place where they can be together and Romeo can “leap to these arms”, Juliet wants the hatred to vanish so that the couple can be together in the free and not in secret because their love is true and unwavering. However, in this scene, the darkness is seen as, almost ironically, something Juliet is eagerly waiting for. The darkness is almost like a safe haven for the couple as “ if love be
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