Love In The Bible Analysis

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Love in the Bible
The bible is a story composed of many short stories about human development. In the beginning, the world was empty and filled with darkness. On the first day, God made Day and Night. He also divided the waters and made clouds and sky the second day. The next day, mountains, hills, and valleys were made by him. The things God had created on the 4th day was moon and twinkling stars. While swishy fish, squiggly creatures and birds were made on the 5th day. There were plenty of animals in the word on the 6th day. The most wonderful creatures of all-a person who was named Adam by God was born. Up to the 7th day, God had nothing to do but rest.
After that God built a beautiful garden called Eden for them. And he made a right for Adam but as a women named Eve. They lived together happily. But one day, Adam and Eve were expeled from the beautiful garden because they hagate
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Joseph was a castaway was sold to Ishmaelites by his brothers. But he was a wise man who made it possible to avoid the famine lasted for 7 years. At the same time , the famine reached even to the fruitful land of Canaan. Jocab, Joseph’s father, sent his ten sons to buy wheat, and kept Benjamin, the youngest at home. A feeling of resentment urged Joseph to treat his brothers roughly when they arrived at Egype. Joseph made himself unknown to his brothers. Alhough he got its meaning immediately when they talked by an interpreter. In the meantime, Jpseph’s brother showed their apology for Joseph. On listening this, Joseph ran away and wept alone. The second time Joseph’s brothers coming to Egype with the youngest one, Joseph gave them a wonderful treat. After many setbacks, Joseph could bear it no longer. He wept so that everyone in the king’s house heard. He made himeself known to his brothers and invited his big family to live in Gashen where was the best land for flocks and herds. So the family of Jacob lived in
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