Love In The Knight's Tale And The Wife Of Bath

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Throughout the two short stories, “The Knight’s Tale” and “The Wife of Bath,” author Geoffery Chaucer introduces a prominent theme of love to the readers. Although the word love connects to both of these stories, Chaucer portrays love in two entirely different ways. By showing the theme of love in multiple demeanors, Chaucer is allowing readers to be able to relate to his main argument in many different ways. In the ‘Knight’s Tale,” love is shown through nobility and passion; whereas, in the “The Wife of Bath,” love is granted through the gift of trust and inner beauty. The modified theme of love within each story exemplifies how love can take on many different forms that are unique to the individuals involved in the special connection. The…show more content…
The knight is this story is being punished for the horrific act of raping a woman, and his punishment is being determined by the Queen. Traditionally, “...this knight was condemned to die according to law, and should have lost his head,” (The Wife of Bath 35-36) but the queen requested that instead, the knight would have one year to discover what it is that women really want from men. During the knight’s journey, the theme of love is debated by various women, who could never in return give the knight the correct answer to the Queen's question. This tale expresses the importance that love is not something that can be taken for granted, and by stealing the maiden’s innocence through the act of rape, the knight undermining love’s prestigious qualities. After a year search, the knight finally reached a woman who would be able to bless him with the knowledge to answer the queen’s question, the old woman declared that “...generally women desire to have dominion over their husband as well as their lovers, and to be over them in mastery” (The Wife of Bath 181-84). In return for answering the queen’s question, the old woman demanded that the knight devoted himself to her through matrimony; although disappointed, the knight complies to the woman’s wish but reject her any form of…show more content…
The theme of love was shown in the two short stories, “The Knight’s Tale” and “The Wife of Bath” are two different ways so that Chaucer’s audience would have multiple different stories to help find their true meaning of falling and love. As humans, we are surrounded by love for the moment of conception, for not only our parents are in love; our parents love us too. We are wired so that we are constantly searching for the everlasting feelings of being in love with someone, Chaucer assists readers on the journey of finding true love. Some people in life resist love, others take advantage of it, and some people even reject the idea of being in love, but as humans, we strongly desire the feelings and emotions that are connected with being in love. So to answer the ongoing question of what the correct way to fall in love is, falling in love is like riding a bike you have to keep moving to find what balances

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