Love In The Movie Beowulf

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“To love is nothing, to be loved is something, but to love and to be loved that’s everything. Love?? There are many different kinds of love. Love for our family, Love for our friend, Love for our partner, and of course love for our God, for our Creator. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Love is a lot of sacrifices. There are things that we need to sacrifice because of love, and sometimes we need to sacrifice our love for the sake of other people around us, and because we love them we need also to be honest with them. As a saying says “Honesty is the Best Policy“. What about honor???Honor is a self-esteem made visible in action. Maricel Pagmol said “Honor is like a match you only use it once”. “Love, Loyalty/ honesty, bravery and honor” these are some of the characteristics of the character in the movie “Beowulf”. In the first place, when I heard the title, I was curious because the word “Beowulf” it is sounds familiar to me. There’s only one thing that comes into my mind. “Beowulf” it’s a name, and I think already watched this movie, and guess what, I have really watched it before, but there are some parts of the movie that I don’t remember. “Beowulf” It was the…show more content…
Wiglaf is a friend of Beowulf, he is a soldier. On this movie, Wiglaf showed us that he was a true friend. He showed honesty and loyalty. He was always at Beowulf side. He is contented, he didn’t ask for more. Until Beowulf fight against his own son, his son with the mother of Grendel. I think it is the worst part of this movie, because Beowulf is ready to fight even though he is going to fight with his own son. He thinks first for the sake of others before himself. I just hope that in the end of this story, Beowulf is still alive, but I’m wrong. When Beowulf died, Wiglaf is the replacement, so now Wiglaf became a king, he had a kingdom, for me that’s a great achievement and I know Wiglaf become a good

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