Love In The Short Story, Killings, By Andre Dubus

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Crime happens around the world each day. Whether rits murder, rape, theft its a crime and should be looked at as breaking the law. In the short story, “Killings” written by Andre Dubus a boy who goes by the name Frank is murdered. His murderers name is Richard Strout. While awaiting trial Frank 's father Matt Fowler decides to give Mr.Strout a punishment he felt was necessary. Mr.Fowler went out and ended up murdering the man who murdered his son. While reading the story the audience dominantly takes Frank 's father 's side on the situation rather than feeling the same way about the two murders. People seem to sway towards Mr.Fowlers side of the story because they say it was out of love, Richard Strout deserved it, and Frank was innocent unlike Mr. Strout. Love is the key to all relationships throughout the world. Love is what carries and drives people everyday to keep going. Most people live their lives seeking out love and to end up marrying someone they love with…show more content…
Lastly people take Mr.Fowlers side because of Franks innocence in the situation. In a short story called, “Is Innocence Irrelevant”, it talks about about innocence being relevant in criminal situations the author says, “The defendant 's guilt or innocence is at least one vital considerations in determining whether collateral relief should be available to a convicted defendant” (Friendly). Frank had met a girl who he eventually fell in love with named Mary Ann Strout. Mary Ann is soon to be divorced to Richard Strout. Richard finds out about Frank and Mary Ann and murders him. Frank was a normal person looking for love and affection as done anyone else. He found the wrong girl who was with the wrong guy. Frank was innocent in the situation but the jealousy of Richard Strout was to much for him to bare so he murdered Frank. The audience sees the reason behind Mr.Strouts murder and the reason behind Mr.Fowlers murder and deems one reason better than the other therefore one murder is okay and
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