Analysis Of Love In The Time Of Cholera

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Love in the Time of Cholera, is about Florentino Ariza (he work as a tele gram messenger, and fifty years later he work as president of the River Company) had fallen his first love with Fermina Daza (she came from a rich family, and marry a professional doctor). Florentino has been writing love letter to Fermina daily in secret, but her father found out that she love Florentino. So Fermina and her father moved away to another village. About fifty years later, Florentino visit Fermina’s husband funeral and confessed that he still love her, Fermina refused because she still love her husband. Fermina wished to forget what happen the day when Florentino propose to her, but she look through the letters he had send him and decided to love him again. Then Florentino and Fermina are finally together again in old ages. This movie is basically finding true meaning of love. The film show that two couple has different meaning of love: Florentino needed love by having sex with different women, and Fermina is trying to forget her first love and move on by marrying her future husband her father has chosen. Mainly, this film is two couple is desperate for love…show more content…
I think Fermina and Florentino should have been in love, run away with each other and get marry, or they could have move on with their new life like Fermina did; in other word, Florentino should have love someone else, yet he still continue to love Florentino. Thus I think Florentino should not find love by having sex with other women even in old age; he could have gotten a better job and proven a much unique love in a romantic way instead of desiring for lust. He focus too much on finding love, that he should of focus more about his future living like getting a better job and finding a better woman to get marry and have children, but he is to tempted to need love more than his
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