Love In Willa Cather's Neighbour Rosicky

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One theme present in Willa Cather’s short story “Neighbour Rosicky,” is the importance of living a life filled with love. In this story, it shows us the important of our lives, not about money or fame, but an honest life filled with love, kindness, humble, thoughtfulness and hard work. Anton Rosicky demonstrated how a good-hearted man could love and receives love from his family and friends. This is an example and lesson for readers that life’s journey could be filled with love and beauty. Rosicky shows unconditional love as a husband, as a father, and as a friend.
First, Rosicky shows unconditional love as a husband. The deep affection he has for his wife makes him to certain things for her. For instance, when he came back from Dr. Ed’s office, his wife asked him what the Dr. says about his health. His response that his heart, “ain’t so young” makes Mary recalls that her husband
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Dr. Ed comments on Rosicky’s love as a neighbour that “he didn’t know another farm-house where a man could get such a warm welcome, and such good strong coffee with rich cream” (Cather 3). He remembers the breakfast he got at the Rosicky farm “only last winter he had had such a good breakfast at Rosicky’s” (Cather 3). Mary also testifies to it that during her children’s birth, “ ‘he used to bring me my breakfast, too, mighty nice’ “ (Cather 4). Also, Rosicky makes good money at his tailoring business tough he has no savings because he was generous with friends that “he couldn’t refuse a loan to a friend” (Cather 9). While he was with his master tailor, he remembered the roasted goose he stole from his landlady that was kept at the corner of his room. He went out in the city to beg for money from some wealthy Czechs to replace the goose, “ ‘Fellow-countrymen, for God’s sake give me money enough to buy a goose!’ “ (Cather 10). Thoughtful and kindly as he is, he did not only buy the goose he ate but also bought other stuff for the
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