Love Is A Fallacy Analysis

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“Love is a Fallacy”
A Thought Piece

Love, the most crucial affection human being has ever experienced. Some people take this as their weakness, while some of them take it as their encouragement. People usually take love for granted and some underestimate it. There are also people who are being blind due to love. Material things are one of the factors people liked, it never fails to make someone happy. Claiming Petey Bellows is one of the people whom is a materialistic person. In short story, Petey would never want to go out of style, he just always wanted to be in what’s trending. On the other hand the narrator is way different that Petey, he’s an intelligent and keen fellow, and he’s more or being rational, he takes life reasonable and don’t wasted things for shallow reasons. For Petey as being materialistic guy, he said that he would do anything to get what he wants, he pertains to the racoon coat which the big men on campus wore, so in that case, since the narrator has what he wants, he thought that he could use his father’s coat just to have a deal with pity, since he wanted it badly, in order for the narrator to have the girl as an exchange. Petey was more on like emotionally unstable; he’s being distressed for not having the raccoon coat. Whilst, the narrator, though he has a desire for the young woman named Polly Espy who’s beautiful, gracious, has some factors in physical which a man likes, yet she lacks out of intelligence and somewhat cretin at first, but also
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