Hate Vs Love

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“When we continue to hate, we continue to lose. When we amplify mutual respect and love, we have a lot to gain. Quite simply, there is more for us to gain through love than hate.” As Suzy Kassem’s quote indicates, more can be gained from love than from hate. Love does and is making a bigger impact on our world today than hate is. While some days it may seem hate is winning in the world, we have to see all the love that still exists and overcomes all hate. People may hate each other because of their differences, but a shared love defeats the hate. Love is natural in humans and enables people to make a difference. Love is alive and winning in the world today because of youth that are doing great things like Ava Gresser, who does community service…show more content…
Preston’s work, his “labor of love" has indubitably had a ripple effect on the community. What Preston does to honor veterans is a simple act of placing flags and flowers on veterans graves (Robinson). Out of love and thankfulness for our veterans, many people joined him in his way of honoring the veterans. Americans thanking and honoring those who have fought for us is an amazing way of giving back and spreading love in the world. This innocent movement isn't fueled by anger or hate, but by love. This may be the reason why it has had such an enormous impact, and why so many have joined in. So this means a larger difference is made with love than with hate. When children discover by doing something they are passionate about, they can lead the way. Preston's leadership bridges ages and brings together all types of people (Hartman). It shows differences don't matter when people are united by something they all love and care about deeply. When love is involved our differences do not separate or stop us, and this is an example of love overcoming hate and winning the battle. Preston's awareness at his young age is impressive and gives his movement more weight. To see how thankful and motivated he is about honoring veterans helps us all remember veterans sacrifices and nobility (Graham). Honoring veterans is Preston's goal, as his motto says "We need to honor veterans every day and not just on a holiday” (Robinson). Honoring people shows love to them. As any person honors their parents or anyone they respect, they’re showing their love for them. Preston´s selfless work is just another example of love in our youth. If love is present in our youth, then love will remain alive in the world today, and in the
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