Definition Essay: What Is Love?

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Love is one word which makes us all wonder whether it is the right thing to think upon, whether it is the right thing to dwell upon. Love is one word which we often fail to understand and under lame circumstances we often prompt ourselves to do things which we always resisted. I do not know what exactly is the definition of the word “love” but I feel it is feeling without any expectation of wanting anything from the receiver.

Few days back I saw a bird splashing in water, early in morning. The wintry chills did not probably have much effect on the bird’s body temperature and therefore it ought to be enjoying in the cold breathtaking surmise of that water. It is a rare sight to see a small birdie like sparrow dancing like that in the yet early
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And “dust thou art to dust return-est was not spoken of the soul”. We, animals, birds, trees, plants, rivers, oceans and humans are all creations of nature, which took billions and trillions of years of evolution. Every creation hence deserves respect. Every one has its place on Earth. No ones existence is less or more important. It is hence also a humble request to all, that, as a matter of fact what small we can do is to at-least take care of what little remains we have in our surroundings including the abandoned and banished dogs and speechless plants/trees. Nature has always given to us and this love shall always be bigger than any love and hence mother nature deserves that similar tiny yet essential responsibility that we own to our own parental mothers.

Small gestures of love and care make the bigger part of our lives yet we fail to understand what people/other beings have done for us all along and run after ambitions that own us more of work and tension as it goes on all the while. Not that more work is less important or money is evil but we any ways are not taking anything back to grave. Then why worry about more or less of it. What is more important is how you spend it and how much meaning every resource adds to life inclusive of the big bucks we
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