Love Kills In Romeo And Juliet

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Everlasting Love: Love Kills
In three similar stories-- “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet”, “Pyramus and Thisbe”, and the article “A Modern Day Tale of Romeo and Juliet”-- each have a common theme of sacrifice and desperation, which are both two different aspects and angles of love.
In ”The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet”, Romeo and Juliet are children of two rival families and they meet and fall in love. After their plan to be together goes wrong due to a miscommunication, both Romeo and Juliet end up taking their lives. The desperation and sacrifice in this story are obvious when Romeo and Juliet are willing to betray their families to be together. This is shown again when Romeo is to be exiled to Mantua for killing Tybalt, and Romeo tells Friar Lawrence to “Be merciful, say death.” (Shakespeare, 874-875). The final detail in this story that shows the desperation of Romeo and
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They talk and end up falling in love with each other, but their parents forbid them from being together. Their first act of desperation is when they are unable to talk to each other, and they find a hole in the wall separating their houses. Then the two decide to run away together, leaving their whole family and life behind- so they can be together. When Thisbe finds Pyramus dying, at first she cries, and then says “So, it was your own hand, Your love, that took your life away. I too Have a brave hand for this one thing, I too Have love enough, and this will give me strength for the last wound. I will follow you in death.” (Ovid 2). After she says that, she stabs herself, perhaps overcome with the fact she will not be with her love after that, or because she knows that it’s her fault she lost the love of her life. In “Pyramus and Thisbe” you can see how love gives us bad judgement that can lead to problems, or even worse, the death or two more young
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