Love Life And Life Lesson Essay

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Love, Life, and Life Lessons Yeah, but not every village is same, and villages are completely different from the major cities and towns. It is Nick’s twenty fourth birthday and he decides to celebrate it with his grandfather and aunt in the village. Therefore, he decides to ride with his friends and his girlfriend. Nick lives with his wealthy family in a modern town. The family consists of his mother, father, two sisters, one brother, a housekeeper and the maid. So later he influences his girlfriend to ride with him to the village. However, his girlfriend Emma refuses to ride with him due to some circumstances in her house. Nick got little bit sad and said “Ok than I will marry a typical village girl and bring her here”, Emma kept quiet and didn’t respond him back because she was depressed to see Nick going away from her. When Nick arrives in the village he sees a girl who was bathing the dog and the dog ran away and came in the middle of the road and got confused. Nick suddenly stops the car and stepped out of the car to ensure if the dog was fine. “Yeah, but why could you not stop before”, said the girl who was bathing the Dog. Nick got mad and they both had an argument on the middle of the road. Nick asked her name and she replied that my name is Lolita. Lolita asked for $100 and told Nick if you give me that amount then I will let you go. Nick’s friends forced him to give her $100 and then they all left to celebrate Nicks birthday at his grandfather’s house expect
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