What Are The Similarities Between Nick Carraway And Jay Gatsby

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Many writers get their inspiration for their book from life events. F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of the greatest American authors, many of his novels are considered are as classics and will be further discussed for many years to come. One of the books Scott Fitzgerald wrote was called The Great Gatsby. People can safely say that Fitzgerald had based his book off his life.
The first parallel between the two is the love interest that Gatsby and Fitzgerald both had. Neither one of them were rich, but they lied about their pasts for the women they loved. In the book, Gatsby was in love with a women named Daisy who would only be with him if he was in the same social status as her. He would met Daisy during the Great War as Lieutenant, when he was stationed in Louisville, Kentucky. Daisy wanted a rich successful man, Gatsby felt like had to try to impress her, in his mind this meant that he had to lie about his social
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Specifically Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby, many say that Scott combined his life and personality into the two characters. One similarity between Nick and Scott would be where they grew up. They both came from Minnesota, after sharing the midwest Fitzgerald moved onto education (Gabrielle Southern). Both had their family send them to Ivy League schools, however while Fitzgerald attended Princeton University, Nick attended Yale University (Josh Huse). In addition they both wrote for their school paper. Lastly, by the end of the novel Nick believed that tom and daisy were reckless people who made a mess, and would leave others to clean it up. In the book it states,” After Gatsby 's death the East was haunted for me like that, distorted beyond my eyes ' power of correction.”(Fitzgerald, 98). Scott had Nick say this after Gatsby was killed because of endless paths of betrayal throughout the novel. this is the same way fitzgerald thought of the east being being wicked and
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