Love, Marriage In Jane Austen's 'Pride And Prejudice'

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“Pride and Prejudice” for the AP English Literature Free Response Questions Theme: Love,Marriage Jane Austen was a famous author who is widely known for her works. She wrote around six novels,but the most noticeable one is “Pride and Prejudice”. It is one of her most successful and impressive masterpieces. It was written in 1813 and was very popular and read widely. It showed the daily lives and values of the Middle-Class Englishmen of that time. Pride and Prejudice is an illustration on how society was in those times, but it was also a love story which brought forward concepts of love,marriage and Prejudice. As seen throughout the book, you can entail the deep connection that marriage has between social status.Marriage heavily relied on social class. However, Pride and Prejudice brings forward themes of love which were rare in these times when getting married. In addition, the book brings forth prejudgment especially when it came to social class. In Pride and Prejudice one of the centralized themes is marriage.One can truly understand the meaning and importance of marriage and social status is to women of Jane Austen’s time. Marriage was necessary in order to elevate one 's social status. One would have to be naive to think that one would solely marry for love at this time. Consequently, love was one of the things that was uncommon in the process of being married. However, one of the quotes that is constantly highlighted in Pride and Prejudice is, “ It is a truth
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