Love Medicine Character Analysis

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Maternity In Love Medicine In the novel “Love Medicine” by Louise Erdrich the mothers seem to defy history and control their families and their lives, the mothers seem to have most influence on the people around them. The mothers in “Love Medicine” are strong tough women, who suffer through seemingly unbearable pain throughout their lives which seems to influence them for the rest of their lives. One of the strongest characters in the novel “Love Medicine” is Marie Lazarre/Kashpaw who comes from a family of thieves, but heads her family with a no nonsense attitude that she has carried with her since early life. Marie’s way of life has largely been affected by events that happened to her in childhood. When Marie was only 14, she followed through on her dream and tried become a nun despite her being part indian. Marie had a terrible time at the church when she was…show more content…
The candy bowl on the table sat precisely on its doily. All her furniture was brushed and straightened"(115). Lulu in her middle age seemed to have control over the men she was seeing, Nector, Beverly, Henry, they all seemed pulled to her despite some of them already married to other women. Lulu was not a bad parent, she saved her baby when Nector burned her house down. Lulu also seemed to be liked by her kids,”Lulu managed to make the younger boys obey perfectly...while the older ones adored her to the point that they did not tolerate anything less from anyone else”(114). In “Love Medicine” the two mothers Lulu and Marie both show that they are strong mothers who have quite a lot of influence on the people around them and seem to be the most important characters in the novel. The two are showed in a brilliant way by Louise Erdrich that shows how their own experiences in their past, shapes how they run their families in the
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